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tha squad


tha squad

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NAC: As promised, I am submitting a summary or how the videochat went yesterday and the topics EA discussed. I will do this every week after the videochats.
SOME FACTS: The videochat lasted three hours. Emilie was extremely funny and humble and was drinking sencha tea. There was a lamp post behind her.
TOPICS DISCUSSED: The lamp post, AKA “Lampie”. So she has never said this before to anyone but she believes that some people are lamp posts, or better said, everyone gets to meet the right people under the light of a lamp post. She has three lamp posts in her life, the first one she met was Veronica. She didn´t talk about the other two.
IF I BURN: She actually composed this song during the Enchant era, which is actually since she was 14 ´till she was 17. When she was 13, she realized she was a witch while looking at the mirror and I think she also said she is the last witch generation of her family or something of that kind. So anyway, this discovery inspired her to write If I burn, a song that “is pretty much the same” as she wrote it years ago. So the song was kind of intense for the mellow Enchant, then, Opheliac was about drowning, not burning and so, she didn´t included in any album. But then for FALG, almost at the end of the book, Emily is in the cell in the basement looking at the furnace and she realized that all the bodies that have dissapeared and the heating system of the asylum comes from the furnace, the girls are taking there to be cremated, so the song was fitting for Flag and so it was included.
REVOLVER: Emilie could choose between two characters. Finally yesterday, while talking to us, she decided to choose Marlena. Veronica didn´t know yet so the fans tweeted away to spread the news.
ASYLUM FANCLUB: She is revamping it and soon we´ll receive news and new stuff on it, apart from the weekly videochats.
ASYLUM MUSICAL AND WARPED: The experience at Warped was amazing and was received favorably by critics and fans, so she and Darren understood that this was actually the next step, therefore, they are taking the Inmersive Musical to a proper location in LA and it will be immersive in every possible sensorial way. Songs from Opheliac, Flag and Enchant are going to be part of it.
THE DEVIL´S CARNIVAL: We finally discover the background of Doll in Part 2 and what she wants, because she wants something. She is recording her songs for the soundtrack but here, she sings in a different language, which she didn´t say because she wants it to be a surprise.
MEDICATION: She decided to get off medications and treat herself with natural remedies, such as herbs and oils. However, after 5 months without taking chemical drugs, she was getting worst and had to go back to her normal meds, which she hates. She had to go to a doctor who charged her $550 just to fill her prescription for only a month so she was pissed off about it. She stated that she has had both, male and female doctors being mean to her.
ASYLUM AUDIOBOOK: It is still on the works and she is still recording it. The audiobook will include some parts that are not on the actual book, as well as blooppers and some other funny things (I think). She will send an email with more info about the delay soon. She has read the emails she has received asking for a refund and is aware of the situation.
MARC: Someone asked her if she was dating Marc. She said he has been sleeping on the same bed as her for quite sometime now so something must be going on. Then quickly moved on to the next question.
FEELING INVISIBLE: She feels that after she gets out of the stage and even out of the videochat, she is invisible and doesn´t exists anymore and in fact, this was the way it was for her when she was growing up: Unless she was playing the violin, she was invisible to everyone.
FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: She thinks they actually exists in a paralell reality or something like that because inspiration must come from somewhere.

I think this is all, please forgive me if I forgot anything but people who was there yesterday, please post comments so everyone can know.






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